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Real-time morale check up

Monitor and analyze team morale in real-time

No more Employee Engagement Surveys!
Vibe shows how employees feel in real time, and what causes their mood to change.

Vibe Dashboard

Topics insights

Understand what affects your team morale

Vibe identifies the most trending topics of a team, analyzing their impact on morale, emotions and employees.

Currently works with English language only.

Vibe Dashboard


Spot key trends with your monthly digest

Every month, Vibe compiles a report of your team data, summarizing key facts and trends. Reports are downloadable, making it easily shareable with your team and hierarchy.

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Vibe Dashboard

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We have a host of features to help your team take decisive and timely actions.

Morale Status

Morale Status

Quickly identify the overall mood of your team with 3 morale status: Low, Good, and Fantastic Vibe!

Emotional identifiers

Emotional identifiers

Understand how your team feels across 5 emotions: happiness, irritation, disapproval, disappointment and stress.

Timeline Adjustments

Timeline Adjustments

Select a time scale and see how your team feels over time.

Clickable Graph

Clickable Graph

Click on the graph to see what causes your team morale to drop or to surge.

Single Emotion Graph

Single Emotion Graph

Map out on the graph each emotion individually.



Identify topics your team is discussing and their impact on your team morale.

Channel Selection

Channel Selection

Track channels independently to see the mood across projects and teams.

Morale Notification

Morale Notification

Receive private notifications whenever your team morale is changing.

Management is an art

Becoming a better manager!

Vibe reflects the true voice of the team. It highlights what’s most important for employees and what causes frustrations.

Vibe's goal is to help managers better understand their team members, empowering them with the right information to take better decisions.

Vibe benefits the entire team:

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Testimonials from our Partners

We have some awesome teams already using Vibe, see what they have to say:

Romen Barua - Managing Director

“As recent adopters of Slack we are excited by the prospect of exploring the engagement and vibe of our teams, in particular see if there is a link between this data and performance, engagement and motivations!"

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Fuman Kaitori Center

“Vibe is fun and easy to use. The dashboard gives us insightful data and helps us take decisions with better consideration of our people. It's a win-win for our management and team members."

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Partner with us, help us improve

Vibe is ever-evolving and we want to ensure it is tailored to your needs.
Partner with us to test new features and ideas, while passing over your valuable feedback.




usd/per month

  • One channel tracking

  • Morale status

  • Emotional identifiers

  • Timeline adjustments

  • Clickable graph

  • Single emotion graph

  • Morale change notification



usd/per month

  • Everything in Vibe Free, plus:

  • 3 Channels tracking

  • Topics insights



usd/per month

  • Everything in Vibe Standard, plus:

  • Unlimited channels tracking

  • Monthly Reports

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“Our premium features help supercharge the power of Vibe but we recommend giving the free version a test drive first.” - Honest Abe


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