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At Vibe, we want to ensure we’re providing a service that helps solve problems. We’re always eager to learn what our users think and how we can improve. Partner with us to gain some awesome perks while providing feedback to improve Vibe further.

In turn, we’ll give you:

Vibe New Features

Access to new features

Vibe Premium

Vibe Standard for 6 months

Vibe Schwag Goodie Pack

Vibe Schwag Goodie Pack

Vibe Schwag Goodie Pack

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Partner Process

We want to get to know you better, get started in 3 simple steps:

Inquire Vibe


Complete the online form below so we can learn more about you. Give us a call, we’re always happy to speak to interested Vibers!

Explore Vibe


Download our partner pack and understand who we are, what we do and what we’d like to achieve with Vibe partner program.

Partner with Vibe


If the Vibe is good, let’s get this party started. You’ll be taking part in UX research, feature demos and much more. Feel the Vibe!

Explore the Vibe Vision!

Learn more about us, including how Vibe came to fruition, the history, the team our ultimate goals for the future. Download our partner pack now!

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What's Involved

Get to know what you’ll be partaking in:

UX Research for Vibe

UX Research

You’ll collaborate with our design team taking part in questionnaires, online interviews and surveys.

User Testing for Vibe

User Testing

You’ll be testing for newly developed features providing feedback to our engineering team.

Quality Assurance for Vibe

Quality Assurance

You’ll help spot bugs, inconsistencies and errors across the entire app providing feedback where possible.

Submit a Feature Request for Vibe

Feature Requests

Above all we want to help you! We’ll listen to all your requests and do our best to implement where possible.

Testimonials from our Partners

We have some awesome teams already using Vibe, see what they have to say:

Romen Barua - Managing Director

“As recent adopters of Slack we are excited by the prospect of exploring the engagement and vibe of our teams, in particular see if there is a link between this data and performance, engagement and motivations!"

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Fuman Kaitori Center

“Vibe is fun and easy to use. The dashboard gives us insightful data and helps us take decisions with better consideration of our people. It's a win-win for our management and team members."

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Partner Application

Please apply via email and let us know your contact details as
well as a short paragraph describing your interest in the partnership.