Transparent and Secure, learn more about how we use your Slack data.

We take it seriously!

Vibe does not and will never save your conversations, or try to extract informations for any other purpose than Vibe. We will never share anything, including the outcome of our analysis, with third parties. We receive your messages, analyse them and then discard the text. If you remove or deactivate your Vibe account, Vibe will not be able to access your conversations anymore.

The privacy and security of your conversations is important to us. That’s why we take all steps necessary to protect your data. This includes:

  • All communication with our website and application uses end-to-end SSL encryption with RSA 2048 bit.

  • We use the official authentication provided by Slack. That means you never have to give us your Slack password. If you ever feel like discontinuing our service, just deactivate your account and we will not be able to access your conversations on Slack anymore.

  • Messages we analyze will never be permanently stored in our system.

  • When signing up with us, you have full control over which channels you grant access to. We will not retrieve messages from any other channels.

More Info...

For more information please refer to our terms of service and privacy policy. Alternatively, contact us directly by email or phone to understand more in detail how we protect your data.